Telegram Mentions Monitoring

Monitoring of mentions of persons, brands, topics and keywords in Telegram channels and chats. Get real-time notifications about important publications and messages.

- Opportunities -

What can you do with publication monitoring?


We track new publications in real time and deliver them to the user within 5 seconds after appearing in Telegram


We deliver notifications to a personal dialogue with a Telegram bot, to a work group chat, inside a browser or through an API directly to your application

Flexible Search

You can subscribe to new publications by keywords, topics, categories, language, country, and other parameters

Flexible Filters

You can filter posts by categories, language, country, and other parameters to receive only really important notifications

Huge list of sources

We track more than 126k Telegram channels and chats. More than 14 million new publications daily

Theme Constructor

You can subscribe to new publications based on topics or exclude uninteresting ones. This allows you to flexibly configure notifications without specifying keywords separately

- Price -

How much does it cost?


5 $

for individuals, with payment on the site by bank card or electronic wallets

Up to 3 tracked topics per month


12 $

for legal entities and companies, with a contract and payment to a current account

For each tracked topic


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