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Founder & President: @TPUSA Host: The Charlie Kirk Show Author: ‘The MAGA Doctrine’ We are all sinners saved by Jesus. Opinions here are my own.




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Three men in California intentionally caused a car crash with a teenage driver, then kidnapped him, called his mother from a Mexican phone number and demanded $500,000 for his return. Kidnapping people for ransom money is routine in countries like Mexico and Venezuela. How long until it’s routine here too, thanks to Biden’s suicidal border policies?
It's like a real-life Curb Your Enthusiasm episode: Canada's entire House of Commons standing up to applaud a Nazi SS soldier as a "freedom fighter” 🤨
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 The @ADL claims: - "It's OK to be white" is a white nationalist expression - The South African song "Kill the Boer" is just a "protest song" that isn't really about white genocide - That the "Great Replacement" is a conspiracy theory despite Democrat politicians bragging about replacing American voters with immigrants. - That the numbers 1-11, 109/110, 12, 13, 13/52, 13/90, 14, 14/23, 18, 21-2-12, 211, 23, 23/16, 28, 311, 318, 33/6, 38, 43, 511, 737, 83, and 88 are all hate symbols. The ADL has created a cottage industry claiming hate and anti-Semitism everywhere it doesn't exist, but it has yet to denounce Canada's Parliament giving an ACTUAL NAZI a standing ovation. The ADL is run by frauds and con men.
Is Donald Trump really beating Joe Biden by ten points? Is he really winning young people in a landslide? A new poll says so — and it's one from the left-wing Washington Post… 🤨
So let me get this straight... After Trudeau admits how "deeply embarrassing" it was for the Canadian Parliament to give a standing ovation to an actual Nazi, he quickly pivots to SocalistGPT talking points and blames RUSSIAN propaganda: "It's going to be really important that all of us push back against Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation, and continue our steadfast and unequivocal support for Ukraine.” Russia, Russia, Russia! These people are truly unbelievable.
It's simply unacceptable to normal people to spend $2 trillion you don't have on wars you can't win, defending people who aren't yours, while being invaded by people we don't know. Cut spending. End the Ukraine mess. Defund Jack Smith. Stop the invasion. OR... SHUT IT DOWN.
Ask Me Anything 161: Unpacking Trump’s Controversial Answers on Abortion and Trans ⬇️
First US Abrams Tanks Arrive In Ukraine
Did you know: US taxpayers are paying the salaries of EVERY first responder in Ukraine—all 57,000 of them. We’re also paying for seeds and grain, which have been flooding nearby Poland. Oh and we’re subsidizing small businesses to keep them in business. Pretty sure there are some American farmers, small businesses, and border patrol agents that could use that money. Or better yet, let’s not spend money we don’t have! Not one more dime.